SNOWHITE type thermal and acoustic insulation Boards/pads wrapped in aluminum foil.Standard dimensions – 120/60/5 cm Uses – Insulation above ceilings,

SWK1500 – SWK1800

Extremely high densities Designed for improved insulation, primarily between rooms, floors and above ceilings. May be implemented in concealed rooms,


Haama produce a range of high quality fabrics for menswear & ladieswear outerwear apparel market, in various compositions, according to


Haama is offering high quality lamination from stretch fabric to fabric, to sports bra & garments, upholstery and to Kevlar.

Sewing Thread

As of May 2010 Molitan Company started to operate under Haama ltd ownership. The factory was founded in 1951, and

Silicon Fiber

Haama Products combining soft silicon fibers, soft and caressing to the touch, intended primarily for high quality blanket production. Haama

4 Holes Fiber

Haama Products combining hollow fibers with 4 holes, soft and smooth touch, intended primarily for supreme quality blankets with an


Haama’s Stiff products provide volume for the furniture industry; with flexibility and high recovery rate.


Haama Products for filling mattresses provide volume, softness and high recovery rate.